Sunday, February 7, 2021

Maddox Says & Does {27}

Mason: Maddox, do you know how many cuts I got yesterday that didn't bleed?

Maddox: Like a gazillion

Mason: 3

Maddox: SO CLOSE!!!

Matt's mom sent a picture of her haircut. These were our responses: 

Matt: It's cute! 

Mason: I Like it!

Maddox: She looks like a grandma! 😂🤷‍♀️

"Today I'm going to do something new at rest time. I'm going to rest AND read." 

Mason: I wonder why balloons float to the ceiling. 

Maddox: because they have helium in them. #WellThen

"Mom, when you're all grown up, you might have hair on your neck, too." 

While outside..."I'm digging to find an ancient artifact." 

When he found a table at Sonic while they waited for food..."It's big enough for me to relax." 

Maddox has decided he wants to be called John when he gets older. "Like 100" 

"Mom, Mason and me think you are amazing at Legos!" #HighPraise ❤️❤️

Maddox was dressed quite uniquely for church one day and I asked him to dismantle some of the items but first I needed a picture. In the picture, he didn't smile AT ALL. "Mommmmmm, I'm George Washington. Remember George Washington never smiled?" 

When we surprised the boys with the beach trip, Maddox was really concerned we didn't pack everything. He kept asking "Did you pack our swimsuits?" "Did you pack sunscreen?" etc. 

"Are chicken nuggets just from baby chickens?" 

Maddox was playing with a wrapper from his water bottle. I told him that "I've probably played with hundreds of those in my lifetime." He responded "Yeah because you arrrrrrre pretty old." 😂

When leaving "I'll miss you beach!" 

The boys were playing legos and Mason wasn't giving Maddox something he wanted. Maddox came out of their room and said "Mason is officially not doing what we learned at church. He is not being kind!"

Back in November...Me: Mr. Dean's birthday is next week. What should we get him?

Maddox: Maybe an electric toothbrush?

Me: I was thinking more like food or drink??

Maddox: Wine? 


Maddox's half birthday was approaching and we usually try to celebrate with a special meal or something. I asked Maddox what he wanted to eat. He said he only wanted dessert. I probed further thinking maybe he didn't care what we had for dinner as long as he picked dessert. Nope! He wanted dessert for dinner and dessert for dessert. 😂 We ended up settling on French toast! 

Matt and the boys did a Target pick up for an item for me for Christmas. When they got home, Maddox said "Well, they didn't have what we wanted to get you so we had to get you UNDERWEAR!!" 😂😂😂

"If I grow up before you're too old and diet and you still work at the hospital, I'm going to work at the hospital and I WILL GET TO WORK WITH YOU!" When I asked what job..."all of them!" 

Neither of the boys had mentioned having another baby andI had just thought of that one day. The next day, Maddox said "Maybe instead of twins we could just have one baby" 😭❤️

"Mom, do you think PawPaw really has legos and he's just hiding them from us?"

"I bet the other people my age at church are saying 'Where's Maddox? 'Where is that boy?'

One night during devotional we asked the question from our advent devotional: "Why is it important to know that Jesus was born into Abraham's family?" Maddox said "God!" #SundaySchoolAnswer

Matt let both boys drive the truck with him in the year. Maddox poked his head out "Hey, lady!" Matt prompted Mason to say "Can I have your number?" and unprompted, Maddox yells "Can I get you a sandwich?" 😂😂😂

We had a brief outside visit with Grandmom and Granddad just before Christmas. Maddox said "Air kisses! I'm giving Granddad a lot because I love him!" 😍

"Mmmmmm Dr. Pepper. One of my favorite sodas in the entire world. Too bad I've never tried it." 😂😂

Me: Y'all stop wearing clothes so I don't have to do anymore laundry!

Maddox: People would laugh at me if I was just in my underwear! 

We decided to have a family slumber party for NYE. Mason said "Let's have a breakdancing party!!" Maddox said "LETS GET LEGO SETS AND BUILD THEM!" (spoiler alert: we didn't do either 😂)

I asked Maddox if he wanted to play a game or something. He said "Nah, I'd rather not." 🤣

We took some pictures one morning with our cradle for Maxwell and Marcus so that we could use them for a fundraiser for Bridget's Cradles. While we were in the middle of it, Maddox said "I miss those little guys." 😭❤️❤️

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