Friday, February 5, 2021

The Morgan's Movements 2020 {Week 50}

I don't recall exactly what happened here but this boy can pout like no other when he wants! 

Time for Christmas lights! 

These boys love a bath! They take showers most of the time but sometimes a bath is just necessary. 

Goodness, I love him. 

All snuggled up! Poor Daddy. 

Game time with my boy. 

Christmas tree was FILLED with gifts. We didn't see anyone for Christmas so gifts came from far and near. ❤️

School dayssss

My stepbrother and his family sent us this amazing artwork to represent Marcus and Maxwell. I love it so much. 

Oh look, gingerbread houses. Our least favorite holiday activity. 😂 This one actually wasn't too bad so maybe they are getting easier as the boys grow. 😊

Someone made his own suspenders. 😂

The coolest kid. 

His signature move.

Mason taught him how! 

I love their creativity! 



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