Saturday, February 6, 2021

The Morgan's Movements 2020 {Week 52}

The end of last post for the year. I think anyway. I may find more! 

Two cardinals. Our sweet twins always popping by to check on us. ❤️ 

The last red or green icing for Maddox!! 

Meanwhile, me at work. 

As always, one of my favorite sights. 

Shorts in December alway sneed to be documented! 

The boys helped me make ambrosia. Shoot, it's good! 

Maddox helped me make a no-bake mint chocolate cheesecake dessert for the three guys! 

Pure relaxation. 

Turns out that dessert is messy. Flavor was a major win for them but the mess wasn't worth it! 

Random mixed up NYE pics. 

Snuggled in for New Year's Eve. We all made it to midnight! 


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