Thursday, February 4, 2021

Thanksgiving 2020

Thanksgiving 2020 looked much different than we hoped. Like most things in 2020. We had originally planned to go to Grandmom and Granddad's house for our traditional breakfast and parade watching but Granddad ended up in the hospital. We also had made plans to spend Thanksgiving with a family who wasn't going to be able to be with their extended family. We had to cancel the day before because they had been possibly exposed to COVID and didn't know the full details of all of that yet. So yeah, it was just a bummer. 
BUT we decided we would make the most of it and we did! 
I had a helper in the kitchen for breakfast that morning. He's a cute one. 

The house was warm and cozy. 

Before Grandmom went to visit Granddad in the hospital, she came over to have breakfast with us. We are so glad she got to come! AND after she left us, she went to the hospital and got to take him HOME!!! 

Everyone was feeling the pictures so you KNOW I took advantage of that! 

Us imitating Maddox's "no teeth" smile. 

A lovely sight!! And he got to enjoy the donuts we sent home for him. 

Mason was doing the relaxation RIGHT! 

The boys had asked for turkey and we were supposed to have that with our friends. When plans changed pretty last minute, I obviously didn't have time to find, buy, thaw and cook a turkey. SO thankfully, we had a whole chicken and honestly, IT WAS AMAZING!!! 

We ended the day with more relaxing and some TV. 

Well, I went to our room to read because, why not? 😂


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