Friday, December 9, 2016

A turns THREE!

Mason's best bud turned three this past weekend and we got to celebrate at a painting party! 

We were ready to PARTY!!!

The paint party place has a little bounce house and play area and all of the kids got to play there for a while. Then they painted and had lunch and cake. 

Miss A was alllll about the animals!


Taking a rest...

(Pause: while Mason and I were partying, Maddox and Matt were having a fun time, too.)

The cake was a Dory cake and it was delicious!

I thought Mason would be in to singing because he'd been singing 'Happy Birthday' all day but he just sat and listened. :)


Kris got this picture and I love it. My sweet boy.

Painting! The leader asked for them to stay in the lines...not happening with this fella. Not yet, anyway.

All of the kids were having such fun that presents didn't get opened until later. We got pictures later and I was so glad to see A liked her gifts.

We love celebrating our bud. What a fun little party! 

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