Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Presents from GiGi & Rarry

A couple of years ago, we asked the grandparents to give minimal gifts to our kiddos and to give whatever the remainder of their budget is to their college/savings funds. That's been one of the best choices we've made. We now do this for birthdays and Christmas. 
Nonetheless, grandparents still give a little something. ;) 

My dad gave Mason some new (to us)  train tracks and some money for both boys. We will see Matt's parents in January for a long weekend visit and we will exchange gifts with them then. 

This past Saturday, we opened gifts that my mom and stepdad had sent for all of us. 
Mason was ready for his first gift! 

A robe!! I found this one for $4 (I think) at consignment and Mason LOVES it!

Maddox's turn...

And Mason at the same time. )

Slippers for all! More consignment and sale finds! We kept looking in stores back in the summer but apparently it was too early for slippers so consignment was our best bet. haha!

Maddox LOVED the paper, duh.

A ball!

Mason up next while also spying brother's ball. :) That gift was a write and wipe book for letters which he is anxious to use.

A cute little mail truck. :) I can't remember where Mom said she found this little truck but it's fun!

More paper for Maddox! A ball, slippers and paper...oh yeah!

And as Mason said as he opened everyone's cards, "I got Mon-mey!!!" haha!

All goofiness after the unwrapping was over. :)

Thanks for our goodies, GiGi and Rarry. Our savings accounts thank you, too. 

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