Monday, December 12, 2016

The Morgan's Movements {Early December 2016}

We have flown through the first part of this month and we are soooo excited for Christmas! 
November 30th brought the diagnosis of double ear infections for Maddox and strep for Mason so we spent a good bit of time laying low. 

Sweet little sleeping sick boy. 

Matt didn't feel well either so he took a day off. While Maddox napped, these two binged Octonauts. ;-) Love them so.

Maddox woke up and joined the party...Matt was feeling decent in the AM so I went to work so I could finish up before the PM when Matt would likely be feeling less than stellar. That was a GOOD plan!

Sweet boy...wet sheets from drool and snot...gooooood times ;-)

Y'all, I know I've mentioned it before but Mason HATES having his hair cut. Hates it. He has some sensitivity around his ears and it just bugs him to have them touched. He woke up this day and it was glaringly obvious how badly he needs a haircut. Thankfully, we have an appointment in January with Kari but in the meantime, it looks a bit rough even with a slight (uneven--oops!) trim we gave it.

This little bit slept so much while he was sick. He isn't much of a fusser but he definitely napped off his sickness.

Matt went to the volunteer Christmas party at church one evening. We had hoped to all go as a family but sickness derailed that so Matt enjoyed it solo. S'mores! yum!

Mason was well by Saturday and we enjoyed a birthday party. Meanwhile, Matt and Maddox played Star Wars dress up. ;-)

See? lots of sleep. And yes, we are slightly in love with this sleeping snuggly bear.

Saturday evening brought everyone feeling better so we all got dressed and went TOOOO: THE GROCERY STORE!! Ha. We're big time over here. :) 
And just more picture proof that we aren't all capable of look at the camera and smiling at the same time, yet. :)

We did well on our shopping trip and got some yummy treats for our upcoming Christmas Day snack-fest. Mason even talked us into this giant chocolate Santa. :) We put Maddox down for bed and stayed up to watch Angry Birds with Mason. (Side note: Wish we had checked info online first, it was full of words we would have preferred to avoid. Mason is very aware of that now so we will definitely be doing that in the future.)

Sunday, Maddox woke up snotty Matt took Mason to church and I stayed home with Maddox. That afternoon, I made cookies with Mason and cooked some yummy beans.

Maddox worked on his sitting and crawling...soooo close!

Monday morning brought the start of a good week and Mason asked for the car tent before Matt went to work. I think they enjoyed it!

Mason and I did some sorting by color and some word articulation work. It was a good time!

My mom sent us some Christmas happies in the mail including this little solar powered Abominable snowman. We haven't stopped looking at that thing, yet. Dollar tree score...haha!

This little bit is becoming more aware of himself in the camera and he likes it!

Big Brother joined in, too! 

Potato heads are the best!

This particular day was just seconds of sitting...days later it was MUCH longer.

Tuesday morning was speech for Mason and of course, as seems par for the course, it was raining! Maddox and I waited well. :)

We arrived home from speech and Mason was so excited to see the energy truck. I, however, quickly realized that wasn't a good sight when we got inside to no electricity. Soon after, we saw this truck. Three hours later, we had power again. Thankful for those folks who fixed it!

Matt went in to get Maddox up from nap and freaked when he saw how big he looked in two piece pjs. So cute!

Mason wanted ALLLLL of the coloring books. :)

A super sweet friend that I met at Passion conference nearly 7 years ago does hand lettering. I asked her if she would consider making ornaments for my boys and she delivered! I LOVE THEM!!!

More "selfies!"


Mason said, "I got all I need. My book. My nose. My bracelet."

Proud of my train track construction. I've still got a lot to learn. haha!

My sweet guys playing outside playing music by the tree. Love that they love playing together. Matt is the BEST daddy in the whole world.

Walked in to get Maddox up from nap and found this...ruh roh!

More sitting!

Guess this is becoming our morning tradition...

Mason was PUMPED because it was oatmeal day!!

Love them SO!


Silly guy...

More sitting...good golly, I'm not sure I'm ready!

Gotta go!

Miss Kris gave Maddox a Sophie. He loves it!


We have enjoyed unwrapping Christmas books each morning. It's the BEST!

Another peek-a-boo!

Y'all, I cannot even handle the happiness of this guy!

Pure silliness with his Daddy!

I worked Friday night and on my way home, I stopped for donuts these guys. They were pretty doggone excited.

Saturday morning brought some sleepy little fellas and maybe a sleepy Mom and Dad, too. But we sure were happy!

We cannot wait to continue with our Christmas traditions and fun! 

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