Friday, December 2, 2016

The Morgan's Movements {Late November 2016}

The last part of November was pretty chill for us. Maddox had a little bit of a cold so we hung at home much of the time while he tried to work it out. :) 

A friend dropped off a big jar of homemade applesauce for us and Mason was PUMPED! 

I took way too many pictures of Maddox snuggled in his bed because I just love it.

He loves his Momma!

Maddox was just hanging on his playmat while I read to Mason. We looked up and there he was!

He's fussing a bit in this picture but he was actually happy that he got into Mason's toys!!

Mason started speech on the 21st and that means Maddox and I have an hour each week to chill in the lobby. :) Maddox entertained himself pretty well!



Mason is in need of a haircut BIG TIME but he doesn't love them so I've been putting it off. I washed his hair and dried it and he looked extra handsome!

Family pics before bed...

Maddox is completely unsure...

Birthday hats make every day better!

Snack time!

Blowing kisses!

Mason snuggled up to Rudi and said "take pic"

Floor time!


Further proof a haircut is needed....

Black Friday brought work for Matt and I was up early for Gilmore Girls!!

Mr. Explorer...

Neighborhood Watch

Oh goodness me

Some kind of brother thing....haha!

Train tracks!!

The sweetest brother moment I've seen I think. Mason was watching a bit of a show before nap and Maddox was fussing and reaching for Mason so I put him down next to Mason and this happened...goodness.

Hanger: way to entertain a 5 month old while changing clothes

Giraffe craft from Wendy's provided a few minutes of entertainment on a Monday morning. :)

We may or may not be able to make actual Christmas cookies this season so we made some with playdoh. It was perfect!

Maddox supervised...

Mason admired his work and "ate" them.

 Love hand-me down toys. Maddox is working on his sitting, kneeling and standing.


Oddly oriented picture but I love this sleeping boy...



More entertaining ourselves at speech therapy...

Matt asked Mason to bring him a burp cloth and he brought ALL of them!

Let's go December!!

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