Wednesday, December 14, 2016

NC Arboretum Lights {December 8th 2016}

Kris and I talked about trying to see lights together with our kiddos. We heard about the NC Arboretum from another friend and it seemed like the perfect place for this year because it's not huge but its walkable and that's great for our short-attention span toddlers. :) 
Of course, we ended up going on the coldest night of the season thus far so we were bundled up head to toe! 

My little marshmallow! 

Special date with my boy since we left Maddox at home!

Three sweet kiddos who did pretty well for the whole night. A little pushing happened here and there but nothing we couldn't survive. :)

Love this picture!

The burn ban was lifted so the fire pits were going!

I think the dancing lights were the kids favorite. I loved the tree!

I love his tons.


This big sister is so sweet to my boy. Love her.

Mason put a wish on the wishing tree.

Fun little indoor show while we warmed up. After this, we made some firefly crafts. That was fun, too!

Yay for selfies!

Inside were these gigantic bugs. Mason was a little nervous about them but A asked about 700 times to go look at them while we were seeing the lights. HAHA!

So glad this lady loves my boy, too!

We talked on the way home about trying to make this a tradition each year and trying new places. Hopefully, we can do that! 

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