Friday, December 2, 2016

Rad Women Worldwide by Kate Schatz {A Book Review}

The most recent book that I read was Rad Women Worldwide by Kate Schatz. In Rad Women Worldwide, Kate shares concise biographies about 40 women from 30 different countries around the world. 

I enjoyed this book very much for several reasons. First, this book was extremely well illustrated. The illustrator, Miriam Klein Stahl, created all of the illustrations using paper, pencil and X-acto knife. Many of the women in this book were unknown to me and these illustrations gave me an excellent visual of each woman as I read their stories. 

The range of women introduced in this book was wide. Rad Women Worldwide includes women from BC as well as present day women making a difference in our world today. In my opinion, the research Schatz did was excellent and she went the distance in that department to present these women's stories. 

Each story was only 1-2 pages but as I turned each page, I felt like I honestly got a grasp for what her life was about. My favorite stories were from Madres De La Plaza De Mayo and Bastardilla. 

The Madres are from Argentina and in 1977 their children began disappearing and the military was strict at that time and refused to help them and may have even been responsible for their disappearances. They began meeting together in a public plaza as a demonstration and they would support each other. I won't share the whole story because I think you should look it up for yourself. 

Bastardilla is an anonymous artist from Colombia and she has created murals in several countries. She began creating art to send a powerful message to overpower the gang crime and violence in her country. 

Those are just two stories shared in Rad Women Worldwide and many of the others are just as inspiring to me. I definitely recommend this book to all of the rad women out there! ;-)

I received this book from Blogging for Books

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