Sunday, December 4, 2016

Mason Says & Does {13}

Mason and I were talking about his buddy, Anna's, birthday and I told him she would be three. He said "no i tree!" and I said that they would both be three. He quickly said, "I tree da most!" 

We were driving by a school and Mason said he wanted to go to school and play soccer ball!

One day, I was telling Mason not to do something and he said "I say uh huh. You say uh uh!" haha! Yep, that's right buddy! 

Mason has recently starting saying "y'all."

One morning recently my stomach was hurting and I told Mason I needed to sit on the couch. Later on that day, we were playing and I told him if he ate all of the pretend cookies, he'd be sick. He pretended to eat them and then said he was sick. He quickly ran to the couch and said "I sick. need sit on bouch!" haha!!

We did a craft from a kid's meal last week and there were various shape stickers and Mason asked me for the hexagon! How does he know these things?!?

We played with our manger scene and put baby Jesus in our train to ride him around. I asked Mason where he was taking Jesus and he said "Home to Mary!" Love him so. 

Mason has been asking for hot tea when I drink it. One night, I fixed him some and let it cool for a while but it was still warm. When he drank it he said "Dis hot tea is hot!"

I told Mason it was nap time and he said "me wide awake!"

Interaction between Matt and Mason: Mason looked like he was about to fall asleep and Matt said, "Are you sleepy?" "Mmmmm" was Mason's response. Repeat and then Matt asked again. Mason said, "Yessssssss!" 

**Good time to update that Our sweet boy is now in speech therapy for his articulation/phonology. He just started a couple of weeks ago but I think he's doing well so far. It will take time but I'm so grateful he is able to receive services in addition to me working with him at home.**

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