Sunday, December 18, 2016

Maddox {6 Months + Update}

Gah, I love this little six month old so much! He's my little (big) buddy and he brings so much joy to our lives! We had his well-visit this past Wednesday so here's his latest update! 

Also, my sweet husband works so hard to get pictures of our chunky monkey but the weather has been uncooperative and Maddox has been sick off and on so we just have to take what we can get at this point. :) 

26.3 inches--30ish%

19 pounds, 8 ounces--85%

Head Size:
17.5 inches--80%  

Maddox-Man, Brother, Baby Ma-Miks (by Mason),  Bug, Love-Buggy, Love Bug, Brother Brother, Peanut, Little Bit, Mad-Dog

My milk supply is slowly dwindling at this point. Maddox is still getting some breast milk but it's the majority of formula at this time and I'm okay with that. I'm proud of how well we did for as long as we did!
We started solids this month. I had planned to start sooner but Maddox is dealing with some awful diaper rashes and we've been working to clear those up. He tasted his first bit of mashed potatoes on Thanksgiving and since then he has tried oatmeal cereal, bananas and carrots. He had a bit of a reaction to either carrots or bananas so I'm not going to give those for a bit. He also has gotten unsweetened applesauce, about a teaspoon mixed in with his oatmeal cereal. YUM!.

Goooood sleeping going on these days! He's taking his naps pretty consistently. His afternoon nap can be a bit sketchy at times but otherwise, he's done well. He sleeps soundly and he and Mason are still doing well in the room together. He sleeps 7p-7a and naps 9-11, 1-3 and 5-6. 

Oh, diapers. We had been really doing well with the Aldi diapers and then we apparently got a bad batch and they made Maddox break out like crazy. It was so weird. We are trying out BabiesRUs diapers and those are okay. I just don't even know...Size 4. :)

Bring on the warm clothes for winter! Little bit is wearing nearly all 9 month clothes with a few 6 month items and 12 month items mixed in. With sickness, he's mostly worn pjs this month. haha!

Maddox is smiling more at strangers and even more so at us.
He does well going to the nursery at church and the few times he has been to MOPS, he's done well.
Maddox laughs all of the time. As it's always been, Mason is his favorite. :)
He is also looking toward sounds when he hears the, responding to his own name, and doing lots of noise-making especially shrieking--our fave. ;-)

New/fun things from this month: 

So much new stuff...
We saw Maddox's first two bottom teeth under the gums on 11/10 but they still had not poked through the gums as of the end of this month. Who knows what they were waiting on!?!
Maddox pulled up to his knees on 11/14
He began scooting backwards and forwards and then rocking back and forth as well.
He is now getting into toys, Mason's especially and big brother is learning all about having a little brother. Fun stuff!
On 11/30, Maddox had his first sick visit for double ear infections. He was a trooper and did well overall.
Soooo close to sitting up when placed, just not quite there. (he is sitting up some in these pictures because they were taken into the 7th month)
Eczema...enough said

being on the ground so he can move around
his jumper
sitting at the table to eat
holding his bottle
laying on his belly for sleeping
bath time

being hungry and getting food when he wants it...:)
having to sit still for too long
the bumbo...toward the end of the month
Not much else, he's pretty happy.

My buddy and I are especially enjoying our one-on-one time together. It's not super frequent but we like it when it happens. Our definite one-on-one hour is each week when Mason has speech. 

Aside from brother, NO ONE can make this kiddo laugh like his Daddy. During diaper changes, you can hear them laughing all throughout the house. Pure sweetness. 

Mason loves his little brother so much. There is just nothing quite like it. I think my favorite part right now has been Mason entertaining Maddox and Maddox just cackling. That and also when Mason got Maddox into his lap and said, "I wuv you Ma-Mix!" 

Comparison Pictures:

One Month:

Two Months: 

Three Months:

Four Months:

Five Months:  

Brother Comparison Pictures
(Maddox--6 months)

(Mason--6 Months)

One last picture...too busy for pictures...BYE!

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