Thursday, June 22, 2017

Father's Day 2017

Father's Day was a FULL day! 

We all had breakfast and got dressed in time to get some pictures before church. I'll share those soon. Mason was playing with finger puppets before we left. :) 

On the way to church, Matt sat in the back between the boys and there was pure silliness going on! 

It was wonderful at  church with all of the fathers being prayed over. That was pretty special! 

After church, all of the guys took long naps and GiGi and I even snuck some, too! 
Maddox and Daddy needed a little light reading at some point as well. 

Laid back... 

GiGi treated us to Shane's Rib Shack for an early dinner and Mason and Matt had to check out the other shop windows first. 

Cheese! Well, for everyone but Maddox. He was already snacking on crackers. 

Then the boys and I treated to YOMO for dessert! 
Maddox wanted to take some selfies. 


It was a beautiful afternoon so we all headed outside for water play. 


It was a great day that ended with Matt getting a good back massage. So I think he hit the jackpot. Well, and I guess we hit the jackpot with him, too! :) 

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