Tuesday, June 20, 2017

The Morgan's Movements {Week 24}

Week 24 started with Matt getting ready for church while I worked. Yeah, those are Maddox's clothes. :) I had set out outfits for both boys but Maddox stayed home with my mom so Matt didn't need those clothes. Mason's clothes were under Maddox's. 
He thought they were a little snug but didn't realize how snug. HA! At least now we know in a pinch, he could wear Maddox's clothes. :) 

Silly guys leaving church. Lemonade in hand, Sunglasses in place. :)

Monday came with a flurry of activity! Mason had speech at 8 and Maddox had his one year check at 8:10. We were all moving and grooving early. Matt and my Mom took Mason to speech which ended up being a bust. Mason was tired and out of sorts and he couldn't get with it. :-(

Maddox and I went to his appointment. He started out pretty happy but then he decided he wasn't so sure about this doctor appointment business. 


Back happy again until the shots came...

We all took a long rest that morning and then chilled a little bit. :)

Mason even got a little foot rub. :)

After lunch we headed to the library for a bit. Maddox wasn't quite himself but Mason enjoyed playing.

Later that afternoon we headed to Walgreen's! GiGi saves up her rewards points for her visits and gets to spoil her grandsons. Everyone likes that! GiGi's face is because the toy Mason picked up is a poop emoji toy. She definitely didn't buy that!

On guard!

Pirates with their swords!

Sometimes this is the perfect reading spot. 

Mason and I went to Wal-Mart and hoped to check out the fish...well, not many there. wah! 

That's okay, we made up for our disappointment by coming home and lounging in the couch pool. :)

Someone gets worn out when company is here. :) 

Wednesday morning I had a class and GiGi took care of the boys. Sleepy head having his breakfast. :)

And a non-sleepyhead. :)

Long story that I won't share but I dropped out of the class and came home to snuggle my boys. :) 

Playtime is fun!

Matt took Mason on a date and GiGi, Maddox and I hung at home. 

Thursday morning was a fun morning for us when Mason and I went to the butterfly exhibit and GiGi hung with Maddox. He was a fan! 




After nap and before mine and Matt's date, Maddox had a little snack in the big chair. :) 

Friday we were all a bit hungover from the long night Thursday. Mason did not want to wake up from his nap!

Maddox was chipper, though!

Still sleepy! 

Ready to play, now!

Finally starting to give GiGi the time of day! 

That evening we had a family movie night and between Mason busting his head on the table and Maddox doing something else, Maddox learned to climb up on the chest and over the arm of the couch. This boy is something! 

Warming up to GiGi on her last few days. :)

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