Thursday, June 1, 2017

The Morgan Family Road Trip: Day 5

When we went to sleep the night before, we had planned that this day would include the science center, meals on The Hill, and a few other things for our last day in St. Louis. 

Matt woke up that morning feeling poorly. I had been dealing with stomach issues off and on but Matt was feeling pretty nauseous and began vomiting off and on shortly after we woke up. 

We tried to rally and gave the boys baths in prep for the day. 

We took a little walk around the block. 

Maddox laid down for nap and we all got in the bed to rest, too. 

After nap, we got up, dressed, and headed to drive to the Hill and see where were could eat. Matt started feeling worse and no food sounded good. We started heading back to the apartment and then made a last minute decision to just leave that apartment and get a hotel. Thankfully, we had money in our budget for it because it was an excellent choice. 

The apartment had been great but despite a no smoking rule, it smelled like smoke because the back neighbor smoked. This made Matt's nausea worse and we needed him to feel better ASAP! 
We got back, fed the boys, loaded up and booked a hotel because heading out to Springfield, MO. 

Car naps, YES!

It took us about 2.5 hours to get to Springfield and we had the best surprise when we arrived! The hotel room was a suite and had a couch, extra room and such. WOO! 
We headed to the pool to relax and Maddox got in for the first time! 

We swam for a while and Matt felt some better while we did. 
Silly Mason...

When we got back to the hotel, Maddox needed to be a naked jay again. Guess it was something about this trip! 

We ordered food from FD's Grill right near the hotel and the boys and I enjoyed it in the hotel. Matt, while feeling better, didn't eat much. 

Matt and Maddox were out cold asleep at 5:45!!! 
So I took that opportunity to take Mason on a date for ice cream/custard!! 

We enjoyed some yummy goodness. 

Mason got a vanilla cone which he shared with his hammerhead shark. :) 

and I got custard with fresh blueberries. 

We laughed and chatted and just enjoyed the short fun time together! 



That night before bed, Mason said, "Thank you for my ice cream, Mommy!" Completely unprompted and just so sweet. 

Everyone was sound asleep and I enjoyed a hot bath in a HUGE tub! 

Mason woke in the night and couldn't find his stuffed dog, Rudy. He said, "Ma, I having trouble with Rudy." :) 

It was also on this day that Matt and I realized where all of our stomach issues were coming from. Well, to our best guess anyway. The only thing we ate that the boys didn't were the subs from Kroger. We feel certain it was from either the lettuce or the deli meat from those sandwiches. BLECH! I had diarrea/stomach issues less than 24 hours after eating and Matt's was minimal until 48ish hours later so it all lines up. Thankfully, it started getting better from this day forward! 

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