Wednesday, June 14, 2017

The Morgan's Movements {Week 23}

Maddox got the royal treatment while walking into church on Sunday! 

Rain out of the window is exciting! 

My guys. :) 

Mason always teases Maddox with toys and now Maddox has learned. He kept putting it near Mason and then pulling it away. :) 

This little boy is just learning to love books more and more. 

But he also likes to knock towers of blocks over in his spare time. ;-)

Big is needing some extra attention lately and I don't mind it. 


Sometimes you need a blanket to help you avoid the "hot lava" on the living room floor. 

Daddy felt like Maddox needed to end his first year of life with selfies! Made sense to me, too. 

Bath tub fun is still a favorite at our house. 

Wednesday required us to run an errand after lunch and I made a stop by a local ice cream shop, Hub City Scoops, to surprise the boys. 



We headed to the library after nap and we found the boys names on the summer reading wall! 

Mason finished his summer reading program, too, so he got his prizes! He DID NOT want his pictures taken! 

Thursday morning started with this little bit begging for food after he had breakfast. :) 

We headed to the park to enjoy a uncharacteristically cool day! We had hoped to get together on Maddox's birthday but it did not work out so we celebrated two days late. The kids had so much fun playing that I forgot to pull out the cupcakes I brought! Oops! Kris got a few pictures and I'm glad because I had my phone in the bag most of the time! 

"I won." "No, I won!" "No, I WON!!!" "NO, ME!!!" 

Gah, I couldn't love this more. 

When we got home, Mason said, "Mom, I'll push Maddox while you go inside and fix me something (to eat)!" #Subtle 

This boy was WORN OUT!! He napped long and hard! 

And even then had trouble waking up. 

Mason was trying to get out of the reach of his brother. This works...

Friday brought corn pancakes for breakfast and Maddox was doggone happy about it! And goodness, he was messy! 

Proud of himself for opening the chair all by himself. 

Saturday was GIGI DAY!!!! Mason and I took a few pictures at the stop light before the interstate. He did not want to take pictures once again. 

I surprised him by getting there early to watch planes! 

WE GOT HER!! And Mason put her to work immediately reading. :) 

Meanwhile Maddox was at home with his Daddy reading all of his own books. :) 

What a fun week! 

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