Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Monroe with the Hills {June 2017}

When we realized Mom would be here in June, we started talking about a trip to Louisiana. It is soooo hot this time of year in Louisiana and the humidity is out of control so I decided against going to visit my Dad. He is super busy this season anyway and the boys just want to be outside with him so it isn't the best time to be there because #Humidity. 

ANYWAY!!! I don't even know if that made sense. BUT since we decided against South Louisiana we then decided North Louisiana. I went to grad school there and one of my dearest friends and her family live there and we went to visit them. Yes, it's still crazy humid there but we had plans for pool time, splash pad time etc. 

We left early Tuesday morning and had to stop just down the road because this little guy was trying to come with us! 

The trip was pretty good. A little crazy at times but overall, successful. 

We met my stepdad in Jackson to "deliver" Mom and then we headed on to Monroe. 

Maddox napped. Mason didn't but he was quiet and even earned some iPad time! 

WE MADE IT!! We showed up to pizza from Johnny's. The boys played a bit, everyone got on PJs and then it was reading time. ;) 

Wednesday morning came early and after a delicious breakfast from Bekah, everyone as non-stop playing! 

They were all in the pool by like 7:30! We had hoped for more pool time during the weekend but it just wasn't meant to be because of the yucky weather. 

After pool time and lunch, everyone got comfy for shows and playtime. Both of my boys even napped that the same room. WIN! 

We dodged rain off and on that afternoon but still got some good outside time. Maddox rode the little four wheeler. :) 


And a little more. :) 

Bath time!! These boys loved the Hill toys! 

The evening ended with iPad time. Well, no it didn't. Sharing was going well and then it just stopped. 

That called for a dance party!! 

We even had a little bit of reading time. :) 

Matt was at church and he sent us crazy pictures! 




Dance party for Maddox, too! 

After the boys went to bed, Bek and I snuck out for Eskamoe's!!! 

Thursday morning, again, came early so we snuggled up tight! 

Sweet boys...

After Maddox's morning nap, we headed to the mall! I'm telling you, the mall is the place to be when it rains. 😂😂😂

The rain continued to come on we continued to play inside. 

Then, we moved from inside their house to inside their church. :) 
Climbing away...

Inside playgrounds are the best!!! 





Meanwhile at home, Matt was cooking his Father's Day present. :) 

Full, full, full. 😂

That evening, we sang Happy Birthday to Maddox, again, and ate free cookie cake!! Brad stood in line for the cookie company's birthday and got a free cake! 

The cookie cake inspired Mason and I too create a masterpiece. :) 

Friday morning, early...sensing a trend here?! 

And this picture is sideways but goodness, I love these boys. 

And more sideways, I have no idea why, but this was Mason sending an email at the library. :) 

And Maddox assisting...

We found out that my aunt was in town for the Miss Louisiana pageant so we snuck into her hotel to visit with her. :) 

Our friends met us at a local restaurant, Daily Press, for an early dinner. SOOOO Yummy!! 

Matt had to send a picture of his dinner, too! 

We headed home Saturday morning and Mason called people on his shoe phone! 

That wore him out and Maddox, too! :) 

We had a wonderful time with our friends. Four boys in one place for several days was a bit chaotic mostly because we couldn't get outside as much as we had hoped to. Bekah, Brad and I had good chats once the boys were all asleep. We ate good food and just enjoyed being together! Maybe we will make Hill-Morgan visits an annual thing!!

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