Thursday, June 1, 2017

The Morgan Family Road Trip: Day 6

On the 6th day of our trip after a wonderful night of rest at the hotel and a delicious hotel breakfast, we were geared up for the day! Mason and Matt went down for a swim while Maddox napped and I packed up, got dressed for the day, etc. 

Once we left, we hit mile number 1000!!! 

It was crazy windy while we drove...see that? 28 MPH!!

Hi, Oklahoma!! 

The views were incredible! The sky was the bluest of blue and it was just incredible! 

Yay for naps! I will always Praise the Lord for a car nap! 


Cute little towns...

Fun little views...I just couldn't stop taking pictures. 

Stillllllll sleeping!!! 

Hi, Pawhuska!! 

We made it to the Merc!!!! 

See what I mean? WINDY!! 

We went inside to stretch for a while and explore. Mason and I explored the downstairs while Matt went upstairs with Maddox to get some coffee and check out the bakery. 



So pretty! We got some pastries to go and also got some entrees to go. 


Maddox didn't care about eating, he wanted to explore the little BNB. 

After eating, we found the town park and the boys played for a while. 



Lots to see...

After dinner of pot roast and chicken spaghetti and park play, we explored a little more. 
Beautiful, I couldn't get enough. 

I see you, Drummond Ranch sign. :) 

Maddox got a little cranky on that drive and fell asleep on the way back to the little house we rented. Sweet sweaty love. 

Y'all, can you even?!? 
These desserts were incredible. 
Chocolate croissant, truffle, Lucky charms rice Krispy, cream cheese danish. 


We got the boys into bed and then Matt and I enjoyed some time together. 

It was a FULL day and Matt and I were still having some stomach issues but they were thankfully starting to resolve at this point! 

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  1. I want to visit the Merc! It's just a few hours away, but I hear it's SO busy on the weekends when I could go. Hoping to make it this year!