Friday, June 2, 2017

Love That Boy by Ron Fournier {A Book Review}

I just finished reading Love That Boy by Ron Fournier and I truly enjoyed it. As a speech language pathologist I am quite interested in autism in general and although I work most with geriatrics in my career, I am always drawn to this population. 

Love That Boy did not disappoint and I think the main takeaway was that everyone is different and we should work hard to find those differences that we all have and celebrate them. 

Fournier's career is in journalism and politics and he spent a large amount of time away from his family. He and his wife had two daughters and then had a son, finding out in adolescence that he had Asperger's or what is now considered high functioning autism. In a quest to work with their son and learn about him, his wife, Lori, encourages Ron to take their son, Tyler, on different trips with him in an effort to get to know him better. 

Ron and Tyler visit houses of many past presidents and also meet two former presidents and Ron shares those experiences and what each one taught him about his son and about himself as well. I loved the realness of this book and how it taught me so much about humanity as a whole and not just about those with autism or other differences. Ron encouraged me through his words to seek to embrace those who are different and also recognize what my children truly need not what I might think they need. 

I definitely recommend this book for those non-fiction lovers out there. :) 

**I received this book from Blogging for Books.**

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