Friday, June 2, 2017

The Morgan Family Road Trip: Day 7

Day 7 of our trip could NOT have started better! 
Hi Again Mercantile! 

We got up early, got dressed and headed downtown to get breakfast. We were early, on purpose, so we explored some while we waited for the Mercantile to open. 

Ready to eat!! 

We literally wanted ONE OF EVERYTHING! Maybe, two. 


We ordered Edna Mae's Pancakes, biscuit and gravy and a cowboy breakfast. Mason requested lemonade. 

While we waited for food, we explored the Mercantile and I scoped out some things for possible purchase later. 

Made a mental note for myself to check the library for this and I've since read it. Loved it. 

My mom plans to give each grandchild a special stuffed animal on their first birthday. She gave Mason a Curious George and she decided to have me pick up one for Maddox at the Mercantile. We tried a few out. :) 

Time to eat!!! 


The three syrups for the pancakes. Y'all, I could not believe how yummy this breakfast was. 


After yummy breakfast, we headed out for another adventure. The Tallgrass Prairie Preserve. 

We drove many miles, most on gravel roads, in hopes of seeing some Bison. 

We saw a few here and there

We got to the preserve and didn't see many more so we kept driving. 

LOTS of cattle. Mason was in hog heaven. 

Then we headed back toward town and finally saw a sign for the Bison Loop. We thought we must've missed it because we hadn't seen signage to that point. About that time, Maddox started crying and we almost just skipped it BUT we decided to pull the boys into the front seat since it was complete back roads. It was such a good choice! 

Hi Bison! We see you!! 

Seriously, this close to them. It was amazing. 


I cannot tell you the joy we all experienced that morning. It was just such a special treat and something we didn't expect at all. 

After all of that excitement, we headed back to the house, grabbed lunch and just relaxed. 

Maddox discovered a love for suitcases on this trip. :) 

While all of my guys napped/rested, I headed back into town. I had my list of things I wanted to purchase and just planned for a fun experience. 

This was my attempt to take a stalker-ish picture of Ree Drummond's son, Todd. 😂😂😂

I explored, shopped, purchased and just enjoyed myself. 

There were several other stores in town, too, so I took peeks into all of those. 

One last peek at the Mercantile. :) 

Sweet snuggling boys were awaiting me when I got home. 

We ate yummy snacks, played outside, and just chilled out. 

Maddox enjoyed the views outside. :) 

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