Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Summer Time and The Weather is HOT!

The backyard of our house is perfect in the late morning and afternoon for shaded spots and we have been enjoying that for sure! 

Sundays in the shade are the perfect day for water play! 




Matt took Mason on a special date last week and Mom, Maddox and I hung out in the backyard playing. 

Hahaha!!! His hair is so long and we didn't realize he'd need a haircut so often so we didn't schedule one until early July. So I improvised! 

Enjoying their outside date at Pelican's for snowballs! 

More play for Maddox. 


Another day made for more outside time. SO fun. 

Washing off feet...

Sprinkler got him! 

BOYS!! Couldn't stop him fast enough so I just took a picture instead! 

Big BOY!! 

So much fun!!! 

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