Thursday, June 1, 2017

The Morgan Family Road Trip: Day 4

Phew, we've made it to day 4! This was a FUN day! We were up bright and early eating leftover donuts and then getting lathered up in sunscreen to head to the St. Louis Zoo. We were staying across the street so all we had to do was walk. :) 

It was a beautiful day for the zoo. Mason loved every single thing he saw. Maddox was mostly along for the ride but he had some fun as well. 

Mason loved watching Mr. Duck hunt for his breakfast. :) 

We headed almost immediately to the children's area with a few pit stops along the way. 

The children's area is free during the first hour and we knew it would be a good first option for us. 

The boys got to pet guinea pigs and Maddox LOVED it! 


More exploring. It was nice and cool in there and although it wasn't the most fascinating thing ever, the boys really enjoyed it. 





Off we went to our next stop: the train. We were super excited about the train because it looked like, on the map, it covered many of the animals at the zoo. This, in fact, was not true. The only animals viewable from the train were the elephants and at 9:30 in the morning, they were not even out. It was the only thing we paid for at the zoo, so we can't complain, but we would likely not do that again or recommend it to others. 

All of that said, Mason LOVED the train. He didn't have any expectations and he loved the noise, the stops, and everything about it. Maddox was a fan, too. 


The penguin house is inside and ICE COLD! We were shivering to the bone by the time we left but we certainly weren't complaining! 

Mr. Polar Bear was next. It was a bit elusive but we caught a few glimpses. 


Next was maybe my favorite part. Mason had been hoping to see flamingos and we found them! He pulled out his binoculars immediately to check them out. It was so fun to watch. Sweet boy. 

We stopped for a snack at the flamingos and then headed for more exploring. 


We walked for what felt like 87 miles to find the elephants for a quick glance. 


Someone was WORN OUT! It was time to see a few more things and then head back for lunch and naps. 

After nap, we walked back over to finish out the day. 

The giraffes were beautiful and so close! 

We saw the zebras while they were sparring some. That was a neat thing...



We decided to ride the train one more time so that money didn't feel like a waste. 

On that ride, we saw the baby elephant and that was sure sweet!! 

We then made the 1+ mile trek to Imo's! 

We were sweaty and starving...and impatient. ;-)



It was a good day and we went to sleep fast fast that night with no idea what the next day would hold! 

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